Monday, 13 April 2009

Lenten Thoughts

I know it is Easter now - but looking at the date it is now a month since I blogged and it fitted in with something else that I was thinking - if Lent is a time for giving things up how come there seems to be so much on?

Perhaps this is all part of the giving up versus taking on debate in Lent. However it seems slightly indolent to give up doing things - but perhaps if Lent is to be a time of reflection then that is exactly waht we should be doing - making space to reflect on things. If the Lent group helps with that so much the better, but if not surely better to reflect somewhere else?

I am on holiday now (and that starts a whole debate on whether this is work or leisure!) and looking forwards to a week in which to relax and rebuild my energy - but I know it shouldn't be so. So what happened this Lent? There seemed to be so many one off things on - a good number of which I initiated myself - and each one seemed small in itself, but added together ... towards the end I found myself on a treadmill that I couldn't seem to get off. Note to self - remember this for next Lent!

And yet life was always so for me - in "secular employment" (I don't want to start a debate about dualism here!) I found that on holiday I would recognise that life had got too busy and make resolutions to change that - and would find that I would - at least initially - but then as time went on things would get busier and busier until the next holiday when...

So what is the trick to avoiding this - if you know and have got it cracked please let me know!


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