Monday, 7 June 2010

Is it possible to describe a mystical experience?

The following comes from Richard Rohr's daily email.  I am sure that my atheist friends will say that this is nothing to do with God, but with the exception of "Union" I would would expect agreement that these are good things and ask how they find them in their life?

To sum up these two weeks, mystical encounter always implies a dipping and even falling into a Great Love, and below are just some ways to describe it. It is first of all a momentary "state,” and with years of practice, the state becomes a permanent trait and a way of life. But know this is available to ALL of you! In fact, you are hard wired to receive it.
  • Enlargement: You will become larger in your heart and attitudes, not smaller.
  • Union: You will have a stronger sense of union with things, not disunion from things or others. You know you are not alone.
  • Freedom: You will exhibit a deep sense of inner freedom, not constriction.
  • Optimism: You will find a grounded hopefulness within yourself, not pessimism.
  • Safety: You will feel a primal security and a “being held”, not anxiety.
  • Rest: You will have found a deep and abiding resting place, deeper than any passing restlessness.
  • Possibility: You will be filled with creativity and options, over any "all or nothing" thinking.
  • Permission: You will wonder, "where does all this inner spaciousness come from?"
Following the Mystics through the Narrow Gate ... Seeing God in All Things

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