Saturday, 20 December 2008

Doh - talked about so much in last weeks show that it was only as I started to prepare this weeks show - yes - it is prepared - though as I write this on Saturday you perhaps get some idea of how much - that I realised I hadn't posted any links about weddings.

I talked briefly about how anyone living in the Parish can be married in the church - and there have recently been some new rules which allow people with a connection with the parish to marry in church too Rules for marrying in a CofE church.

This site talks about what is possible and has help for planning your wedding:

One of the things that we were told when the web site was launched was that many people disqualify themselves because they think that as they don't go to church they can't have a church wedding - well, you can, do ask - the worst we can do is say no - and if, reluctantly, we have to we will do it nicely!

Some people may be put off by the fact that our church looks new from the outside - the photos show what it looks like inside - the top one shows the main body of the church where weddings would take place - and the bottom one is from the Lady Chapel which is where the register can be signed, and where photos can be taken.

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