Sunday, 21 December 2008

Final Show

Well, its all over for me - at least this time round. I was amazed at how easy broadcasting was - but then perhaps the difficult bit is doing it well! Those who have spoken to me have been kind, but then almost all have been friends. The question on my mind is whether to keep the blog going or not - I have little idea whether anyone is reading it - and if they are whether they are getting any value from it! Right now my inclination is to put odd posts up occasionally - but if anyone out there wants to encourage me to do more then please let me know!

From todays show there are a few links worth passing on:

John A.T. Robinson wrote Honest to God and Where Three Ways Meet which I think is the book which contains the sermon about his cancer, but I'm not sure.

Richard Holloway wrote Doubts and Loves: What is Left of Christianity which is the book I think I referred to!

Dan's dad works for and I forget why, but I mentioned

If you want to know more about YSL which Dan talked about and click Family/Youth

Or his football team

More about Healing at St Michaels can be found here
Dates for 2009 should be available soon, but I know that there will be healing at the services on Sunday 25th January at 8.00am and Sunday 22nd February at 10.00am as I happen to be presiding at both.

Links to Church of England information on Healing

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