Friday, 22 January 2010

The cats are innocent

A friend of mine has blogged how she bought some books by accident and that a friend (ahem - yours truly) blamed the cats.  I have recently been reading the offending books, as they were ones that I thought looked interesting and memories are now coming back that perhaps it wasn't the cats fault after all!  I have a vague recollection of using her computer to browse the web while she was busy one day.  If I see interesting looking books while doing that I "buy" them from Amazon and then, whenever I place an order, I review what is in my basket and see whether I really want it.

Looks like the second part didn't happen J.

When this post was initially made I had no idea it was me - then as I browsed the books I started to wonder - how clever of the cats to buy something that interested me!  Finally last night I went looking for evidence and found these two blog entries ("What would Jesus Deconstruct?" and "Who's afraid of Postmodernism?") and vaguely remembered reading them a few months ago - so problem solved - as usual with computer glitches it was a user error (bitterness from a past life coming throughJ) or the "nut on the end of the keyboard" as we used to say.

The moral of this story - "check the contents of your basket before the check out - you never know when the  children have put some sweeties in it".

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