Tuesday, 19 January 2010

What gets measured gets done...

I have read about Cameron's new policy on teachers, and it reminded me of the old management saying "what gets measured gets done" - and the dangers in making sure that you measure the right things.  In this case the proposal is to measure the class of degree that someone gets.  The article above well makes the point that what is required is good teachers, not necessarily academic ones.  For example why do you require a 2.1 to teach maths to 11 year olds?  Surely if we want better teachers it would be better to introduce a practical teaching qualification and require good marks in that.  After all, I didn't spot him requiring all Premiership footballers to have degrees in Sports Science, or all politicians to have them in politics.

The other thing that surprised me about the proposal is that it came from the Tories - there appears to be a shortage of people (even qualified teachers) prepared to teach (articles here).  Surely the party of "the market" should be using financial incentives to increase the quality of teachers, not socialist intervention measures!

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