Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pressure of Work

Lord God, before I am exhausted from earning every last penny, filling every last second, pushing every last boundary, show me a better way.
This quote comes from the Christian Aid daily Bible reading web site and I think it contrasts with todays message from the variable site I have quoted before - and I like it!

When I was employed in industry I used to fight against the always active approach - and so often I saw people busy doing things, which if they had stopped and thought and found another way would have been so much easier.  But perhaps that was my downfall.  Now in theory I have the ability to take that time - Bishop Stephen reminded us at Diocesan Synod that a stipend is money so that we do not have to work - I still find that when I reach a holiday I am exhausted and need to just stop.  Why is it I have this ability to think that I can "just fit that one more thing" in?  I have a friend who says that if you open a new door then you have to close another - and they are no better at it than I am!

Anyone out there got the answer?  And I'm not looking for a time management system - that defeats the objective!

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