Sunday, 9 May 2010

New use for Redundant Churches?

I recently visited my daughter in Wolverhampton and driving around the city centre I saw this - the second time past I was able to get these two photos with my phone.  It is a Sainsburys which has been built attached to a local redundant church (history buried in the middle of this article).

There was something about it that I didn't like, and I couldn't quite pin it down.  I have no objection to churches being made redundant, or to their reuse, but the aesthetics of this are awful.  Then when I read about it the apparent cynicism of it annoyed me.  Sainsburys wanted a site, the church needed saving, bingo!  And a car park is a public space - so the church yard could be repurposed having been left in trust for open space.
And then they didn't try to make the new development sympathetic.


  1. oh that is just terrible. I am in the middle of writing about using old churches. currently seeking a break from anger of said post and then I come across this - ugh, now more anger... (of the righteous kind). Isn't it just awful that a building consecrated for the purpose of worshipping God, our God, who sent his son to die for us; has become a bloody supermarket? If it wasn't so awful I'd be laughing...




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