Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Value of Sport

Do you remember the old joke about having aches in places you didn't know you had places?  Well that is me today!  Yesterday I played my first game of cricket for about a year, and bowled for the first time in about 10.

It was a practice game before the serious stuff of the Church Times competition and for some reason unbeknownst to the rest of us the captain had picked last years runners up as our practice competition.  Suffice it to say we did not win and three big sixes got hit off me.  Still, I managed to fend off their quickest bowler at the death, although what I was doing facing him I still don't know.  He bowled a no ball and I called the other batsman for a bye - why?  I could have stayed at the non strikers end safe and sound.  That said I was pleased that I did as I discovered I could still see the ball and he didn't seem that fast (just hope we don't meet them again, or he doesn't read this!).

Still, I had an enjoyable day out and found out a bit more about my fellow players - relationships are important, and this is another way of building them.


  1. Love it! I used to play too and have recently been getting back into it through my son, who has become convinvced that he's Kevin Pieterson. I realised after one afternoon at the park that bowling at an over-eager 6 year old for an hour is just as bad as bowling in the nets at the beginning of the season - result: frozen arm for most of the week... Maybe it's an age thing?
    Good Luck in the Chruch Times Competition!

  2. I thought I had given up - when I moved house I threw my old gear away. I thought watching my daughter was the closest I was going to get - but she gave it up too - too boring. Trouble is she was good!
    Mmm - nets - now there is an idea! We tend not to stretch (and there is another) to that!



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