Sunday, 2 May 2010

Where is the Good Samaritan?

The story of a man who bled to death while people walked by on the other side reminded me of the story of the Good Samaritan, although ironically the eventual victim was initially the Good Samaritan in this story L.

Yesterday was our monthly all age service (yes - we hold it on Saturday afternoons - it is when people said was a good time) when we were looking at "Who is our Neighbour?" to fit in with Christian Aid Week.  Our recently retired Churchwarden did a great job of talking about water - she brought a bucket into the church and asked the children if they could lift it - most of the under 4s couldn't.  She then talked about carrying it for miles.  Then she had a glass of dirty water...  All the children were gathered round fascinated.

However, what is it about our society that a man can be allowed to bleed to death?  How can we miss the point?  (And I include myself)  In a previous church we did a dramatic version of this using a motor biker in full leathers - this was inspired when one of the organisers arrived straight from work in full leathers and was given some distinctly dodgy looks until he removed his helmet.  We seem to do a lot of judging L

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