Monday, 26 April 2010

Evangelism by Fear

Roadside sign:
Heaven and Hell are real and Jesus is the only way into Heaven
Driving along the other day I happened to pass this sign and took an instant dislike to it!  When I analysed what it was that I objected to I discovered that it was the use of fear as a tool of evangelism.  What is it that we are trying to persuade people to believe in?  Is it a god who is angry and threatening, who will burn us forever if we don't do what he wants?  Or is it a God who loves us, who wants the best for us, who, when we turn away, will not reject us - again and again and again?

And which God (for evangelism is God's work) is more likely to persuade people to follow Him?

EDIT:  Found this:
Benedict is saying that the function of spiritual leadership is not to intimidate people into submission by fear or guilt. The function of spiritual leadership is to show in our own lives the beauty that oozes out of those who live the spiritual life to its fullness. The function of spiritual leadership is to enshrine what a good life can be.
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