Saturday, 10 April 2010

Does E-campaigning work?

I have been campaigning by email for a good few years now - but does it work?

It was the Principal of my course who encouraged us to join various campaigns and I got the taste for it and joined some more!  I am not even sure these days how many groups I am joined up with, but at least these:

And I have recently started freelancing and have just got a response from the Home Office on these matters.

But does it work?  I think that on the margins it does.  For example although my MP wrote to me explaining why she did not support the change in the law on Vulture Funds yesterday I got an email from George Osbourne (not just me you understand) explaining how the Tories had insisted that this bill be passed before the election - that must have upset my Tory MP!

It is very easy - particularly after the first time - I receive an email with a summary of the issue, click through to the appropriate web page where I enter my email address (some also require postal address) and if I don't want to alter the standard message that is it.

There are times when I don't agree with the campaign - or am not sure enough to want to campaign for it, for example - and that is fine - I just ignore the email.

Why don't you give it a go?

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  1. After I wrote this I also got an email from Douglas Alexander saying that the only reason the Tories supported the bill was because of the email campaign!



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