Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Is the Pope Catholic?

"Williams finds Pullman novel unpersuasive"
Is this one of the most ridiculous headlines going?  It would surely have made a much bigger headline if Rowan had found it persuasive!

The actual article is about the book "The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ" and Rowan's review of it. The full review can be found here, with others by Bishop Alan Wilson here, and the Church Times here.

The question that I want to explore is whether this might become one of those cultural events that Christians "have" to partake in so that we have a view!  So far this has happened to me with The Passion Of The Christ and The Da Vinci Code.  Neither were films that I particularly wanted to see, but in both cases I felt that I "ought" to see them.  I was nearly tempted by the same logic into getting a copy of this book, but the reviews that I read led me to believe that I would learn little more of use and so I have decided not to.

Would I do the same again with the films?  I actually found The Passion of the Christ particularly moving, and with hindsight would see it for my own sake - but the Da Vinci code?  No chance!


  1. :) interested you didn't use the bears and woods title instead

  2. I have wondered this myself too, but I have resisted on the grounds that by buying it I would be lining Pullmans pockets, which of course I would prefer not to do!
    I was particularly interested by the amount of press it has received though and the number of times I have seen Mr Williams opinions reprinted here there and everywhere. As you say, it would have made much more of a story with a different title (like Lesleys LOL!). Perhaps the press had expected a more contraversial response from RW...



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