Saturday, 3 April 2010

Social Media Manipulation

Tomorrow we will know if it has worked!  What do you make of the attempt to get Delirious? or the Wurzels to top the charts following on from Rage Against the Machine at Christmas?

This is not a rant against social media - I believe that social media have a valuable place in society - it is a question about what people choose to do with them.

However, I can see nothing wrong with this use - after all, what have the record industry been doing for years?  In this case all that has happened, as has happened with blogs, is that something previously restricted to the few is now open to everybody - and is more transparent.  The danger is that big business will jump on the bandwagon - as they have with viral ads - and there are signs that this is already happening (I read a report about children as young as 11 being rewarded for recommending products on a Facebook like web site, but I can't find it - anyone else know where it is?).

Personally I deplore the manipulation - what is the point of a "fixed" chart - but did we ever have an unfixed one?

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  1. indeed. we are all manipulated in this day and age whether we realise it or not, I'm not sure there is an escape from it, but just for us to be aware of it. I'm sure I would find the report on children being used to do this disturbing, but then in war torn nations they are manipulated and used as soldiers, so it does pale into insignificance a bit.
    There could follow a rant on keeping our children innocent but will save that for another day...!
    red x



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