Friday, 16 April 2010

What Nonsense!

Should judges in cases about knitting know their knit from their purl, or those in cases about collapsed rugby scrums have been front rowers?

Lord Carey is asking for special pleading and we don't need it.  Ruth Gledhill writes and speaks about how she is concerned that she will be seen as a fundamentalist for wearing a cross.

There have been a number of cases recently where the usual suspects (Bishops of Winchester, Chester, Hereford, Blackburn, Litchfield and the former Bishop of Rochester) have fought against equality legislation and presented petitions as though all "right thinking" Christians will agree with them.

I want to stand up and say that they are not presenting the Christian faith as I know it and what they are doing is not being done in my name.  As Ruth Gledhill says it gives the rest of us Christians a bad name - and I am fed up with it.  I do not want special protection or special pleading - if my convictions clash with the law of the land then I am prepared to suffer for my convictions - not ask for special protection.

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