Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What is it about taking photos?

I recently found this story about a man being arrested for 8 hours for taking photos in a town centre.  I was horrified that someone could be arrested in those circumstances, but slightly suspicious that he appeared to know his legal rights very well.  I consider myself reasonably well informed, but had no idea of the things he knew inside out.  However, I then found this link to a very similar story about a student who was also arrested for apparently taking photos.  Both stories are supported by video of the events and to me it appears that the police were getting wound up because the people would not give them a straight answer - when they had no requirement to do so.

What is happening?  It is possible that the police had reasons to suspect something suspicious - but from the videos that I saw it seemed more likely that the most suspicious behaviour was refusing to supply a name and address.  This has all left me angry - but also feeling impotent to do anything.

Having written that I have just written to my MP - something that I have done before as part of organised campaigns, but this is the first time that I have done so unprompted.

Christian Aid Update:
One in six children worldwide is involved in child labour, which harms their mental, physical or emotional development. Give 10p for every year of your childhood you were free to play in your spare time.
 Well, although I had the odd Saturday job I didn't have to have it.  And I wasn't made (or even asked) to do chores around the house, so I reckon that is 1.80.

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  1. Well, 3 years later this story cropped up:
    Student payout, so justice is done - sort of.



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