Friday, 12 February 2010

Thoughts on Blogging

I blog for me, not for anyone else!  That is the main thing that I have learnt after blogging daily for a couple of months.

Plenty of other people have given their thoughts on blogging ( Lesley's Blog 1, Lesley's Blog 2, Naked Pastor), so I thought I would join the party.
  1. Who is it for?  I go through a regular round of is it worth it - the time spent blogging - and yet when I dig really deep I find that it helps me.  There were a few posts (here and here) on working practices which changed the way that I see things - for the better, and that has not been a unique experience.
  2. Frequency - I started the blog over a year ago posting about weekly, but life got busy and the frequency drifted and then almost dried up.  For the past two months I have been blogging daily and suspect that if I reduced the frequency I would find it drying up again (that is more a comment about me than necessarily about blogging!)
  3. Stress - I don't like tight deadlines.  When I started blogging I was writing each post and posting it.  That put a big strain on me to find the time and the ideas each day.  I have now settled into a routine of preparing blogs ahead of time, and having some generic ones up my sleeve for emergencies.  If something topical crops up I can post there and then and use one of the others later.
  4. Holidays - Or more correctly time away.  I have a residential coming up - should I write a load of blogs ahead of time and post them automatically each day, or should I shut up shop as my bishop does when he is away?  I have yet to work this one out, so any thoughts from those with more experience would be welcome.  Given points 1 and 3 I am leaning towards shutting up shop!
  5. Statistics - Having said that I blog for me I do look at the statistics, although I am contemplating stopping that!  What is obvious is that if someone well read references or tweets me then I get more hits - but it doesn't seem to convert into more readers on a regular basis.  However, if I am writing for myself why do I care about the stats (anyone out there convinced? J).
  6. Why do people always have 10 thoughts?  When I worked with Management Consultants they told me that they always started a presentation saying that there were three points - even if they didn't know what they were at the time.


  1. We don't have 10 thoughts :) we have about 27 but feel it must stop at 10 for decency's sake



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