Sunday, 21 February 2010

Am I becoming a Grumpy old man?

Or am I just using my blog to vent the inner grumpiness that has been there all along?

Recently I have noticed that some of my blogs have been a bit opinionated: complaining about journalists, people who comment without information and those who want to change the CofE.  What I am trying to figure out is whether this is a change in me, or a change in what I am prepared to express?

I saw a comment on a blog post which suggested that the author was a mild mannered Clark Kent in real life, but was a Superman complainer in the blogosphere.  That perhaps doesn't apply to me as I blog under my own name and, as a priest, am a sort of public figure locally (this post on blogging by another priest also discusses this).  So I am left with the question am I changing or is it an unleashing of something that has been suppressed?  And my answer is that it is probably a bit of both!  Certainly blogging is changing me, and stopping suppressing things is a change - though it wasn't what I meant.  In the blogosphere you are addressing everyone at once and cannot adjust your message to fit the circumstances - something that has tempted me in the past - so you are left with either being honestly yourself, or creating an alter ego - but that way lies madness.

No Christian Aid update today - there is only one for the weekend and that is on yesterdays.


  1. I don't think you're grumpy, or at least only in a likeable, cuddly- grumpy sort of way. There are also plenty of things to object to, as long as overall you keep your sense of humour then what's not to like about the odd moan?

  2. Relax, enjoy, submit - you know you want to. Now stop bloody moaning man (ha ha ha)!!! Grmupy is as grumpy does. There is no finer estate under the Heavens!

  3. Thanks to you both (I think!) :)

  4. well... I wouldn't say grumpy - 2 out of 3 ain't bad



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