Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Cynicism - The Covenant & Women Bishops

Is the Covenant falling apart?  The resignation of Mouneer Anis from the Anglican Communion Standing Committee (ACSC) (story here) because "there is no desire... to sort out the problems which face the Anglican Communion" (resignation letter) comes as a short introduction to a 5 page letter (anyone else ever written a 5 page resignation letter?) in which he makes a lot of personal points.  In addition the Anglican Communion Institute have started suggesting that the existing ACSC isn't the body to carry out the work that the Covenant allocates to them.  Episcopal Cafe aren't impressed!

Am I alone in seeing a connection between the response to the idea of a Covenant and the Women Bishops issue?  The Drafting Committee decided to look at something that Synod had not charged them to look at - yippee say those wanting legal protection - but then comes the rub - nothing can be agreed, so the legal protection falls (Church Times report here) whilst those in charge can wash their hands and say not our fault.  Now look at the Covenant - no synods voted to set it up, but those who want one have been happily engaged for months/years writing it, and of course those writing it are writing something that will prove unacceptable to several provinces.  So what will happen?  They will bring forward a Covenant and it will fail to get adopted (ever the optimist me J) whilst those in charge can wash their hands and say not our fault.

It reminds me of government, or business - when something unpleasant and difficult is suggested they set up a committee - even better they rig it so that the committee cannot succeed on the contentious issues.  Ring any bells?

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