Saturday, 20 February 2010

Shorter Working Week

This article suggests that the working week should be shortened to 21 hours.  I have blogged before (here and here) about work and working hours as a vicar, and wonder about the practicality of this.  It is all very well suggesting that people cut their hours and earn less, but there are some people who cannot live on less - are we going to double the minimum wage?  Might not be a bad idea - but then of course there will be battles to maintain differentials.

And when it comes to a lot of professional work, do we really believe that people work long hours for the extra money?  I believe that most of our professionals and senior managers work the hours they do because of their will to win - their ability to do whatever it takes to get the outcome they desire.  I have blogged before about control, and of course it might be good if that could be taken away, but while people believe that they control their own destiny then it will be hard to get them to act in a way that contradicts this.

And vicars?  I know people think that we only work on Sundays, but depending on your answer to what is work for a vicar then 21 hours might not give any time to do anything other than pray and lead services - or might that be a good thing? J

Christian Aid update:
‘We had 13 children, but four of them died.’  What Leandro wants more than anything is to keep his children healthy. 80% of his family’s diet is potato. Chronic malnutrition and infant mortality are huge problems in Bolivia. Christian Aid is helping to fund seeds, tools and training so families there can build greenhouses and grow vegetables to eat and sell. Could you hold a Super Soup Lunch on 26 March? Visit
Mmm - I am on a residential on 26th and will be travelling at lunchtime, so no I can't.  But is this a convenient excuse?

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