Sunday, 28 February 2010

Living Faith

This is about encouraging and enabling clergy and lay people to deepen their enjoyment of God, and to recognize God's presence in everyday life.
John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford
Our diocese has a new vision, Living Faith, (well, relatively new) and this year St Michael's will be focussing on "Sustaining the Sacred Centre".  There are three priorities that we are looking at - one is the use of clergy time - where should it best be put to use whilst still giving us time to sustain our own sacred centres.  A small group have already suggested that this should be focussed more on looking to the future and work is in progress to look at what the implications of this are.
We are also looking to interview some of the congregation so that we get to know each other better, and to ask what sustains their sacred centre as a way of showing the many different ways that people do this.  Finally we have gathered a list of resources for private prayer and are making the Diocesan Prayer Leaflet available and encouraging people to try something new.

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