Monday, 22 February 2010

Who are we?

"Am I my brain tumour" - or words to that effect struck me as I finally got around to watching Mo recently.  Her consultant had told Mo that the side effects of her brain tumour might be an uninhibitedness (and when he first told her I though crikey!) and later in the program she asked how long she might have had the tumour, and on being told that it could have been there a long time wondered what was her and what was the brain tumour.

EnneagramThis set me reflecting on what makes us us - or perhaps what makes me me!  As I have gone through my training I have changed - or have I?  I certainly do not behave now in the same ways that I used to, but after much thought I believe that most of the change has been a stripping away of masks - of behaviours which I adopted as some form of protection against the actions of those around me.  I have written before about how during my training my MBTI has changed and when I did an Enneagram course I found it very difficult to determine my type - at present I think that I am a 3 but recognise many of the unhealthy traits of a 9 - to the extent that that initially I thought that was what I was.  It was only after wrestling with the descriptions in Personality Types that I finally realised what had been happening.

But if you have had a brain tumour for a long time - what is you and what is the tumour?

Christian Aid Update:
The International Labour Organisation estimates that 200 million more workers will fall into extreme poverty as a result of the global recession.  Almost half live in south Asia.  Give 10p for every £1,000 you earned last year.
Mmm - complicated to work out because of a house let and tax/calendar year effects.  And I'm shy!  Although as a curate my stipend is common knowledge (Not as common as I thought - couldn't readily find it on the web - my search skills must be getting worse).

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