Sunday, 14 February 2010

Man Flu!

I have just been recovering from a bout of something or other.  No idea what it was, but it left me feeling distinctly dodgy for a few days.

It reminded me of this video - I wish!!!
It also led onto and argument with a friend of mine (female as you might well guess when you read it).  I speculated that for evolutionary reasons it is better for men to have very bad health for a short period of time, rather than something less bad for longer - if you are out hunting dangerous animals you don't want to be below par at all - so you just take a few days off.  Whereas women can gather berries whilst under the weather.  

This was not well received and it was suggested that if men had to get up and get the children breakfast they wouldn't succumb either (it really didn't help when I pointed out that my 17 year old had been shopping and cooking for me).

The funny thing is that although I was sympathetic to the idea as I have written this I have discovered the following article which suggests that there may be something to it - and just as I was getting excited this one which probably debunked the first (well, I'm not well enough to read all that text)!


  1. :) surprised she had time to argue with you - why wasn't she out gathering? Or nursing someone with man flu? Plus she probably shouldn't be talking to you at all.. see this post:

  2. Man flu exists primarily for women to bring their loved one breakfast in bed. The longer the flu persists the better. If the woman gets into the habit of being a waitress, the practice should be continued long after the man has recovered.

  3. I am not entirely convinced by any of that "hunter gatherer" stuff but I am sorry you're not well ( that's all the sympathy you get.):)



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