Saturday, 27 February 2010

England is too narrow for Christianity!

Churchgoing in the US has recently been reported by Gallup (h/t  After considerable statistical analysis (cor - look at those low numbers on the West and North East coasts) I have come to the conclusion that Christians are averse to the sea - at least on East and West coasts - so with England being such a narrow country in that respect it is perhaps no surprise that churchgoing is so low here!

Just compare - 15% of the English got to church monthly - 22% in London (pages 5 & 6 whereas in America Vermont, with fewest (mostly) weekly attendees has 23%.

[We are ignoring the fact that only 5% of French people are estimated to attend church on the grounds that it doesn't fit our thesis!  Much as ACNA supporters claimed General Synod support which was not in fact there]

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