Friday, 5 March 2010

£200,000 to bring up a child?

What rot - I have 4 grown up children and over the course of their lifetime I doubt that I have earned £800,000 - OK there might be some inflation effects in there, but even if I had earned that much I have also housed fed and clothed myself and ended up with most of a house worth a lot of money.  I thought the comment that said:
I'd like to see another piece of research showing how *little* you can spend on raising a child. Surely that would be more helpful in the current economic climate?
was brilliant.

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  1. I don't know how they do these figures — I reckon to have had about 400,000 of income since 1986, and that has somehow got us 2 children to over 21, 2 to 15, and 1 to 11. Many people have far less than us and have managed much the same... We don't own a house or anything like that, but we also haven't had to pay rent, which I suppose has certainly allowed us to spend more on feeding the chldren?!



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