Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Our Sound is Our Wound - Part 2

"In the beginning was the Word" - and I would imagine... a big man with a grey beard  and a booming voice ...shouting WORD to kick-start creation.  p11
The above are Lucy's childhood memories.  In this chapter (1) what caught my eye was the reminder that for hundreds of years people heard the Bible in community rather than reading it in isolation.  Yesterday I posted on the value of community, and in this idea of hearing scripture in community there is a difference not only in what is read, but in how it is interpreted.  There will be a community interpretation (assuming that the vicar doesn't encourage everyone to play "guess what is in my head") and a community living out of what is there.  People will often talk about the Holy Spirit inspiring new understandings - I think that the Holy Spirit works best in groups, rather than just individuals.
The score only becomes music when the players or singers take it up and give it life by playing it.  So it is with scripture. p18

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