Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Police Again

Another example of bad behaviour by the police - this time costing them compensation - came to my attention (h/t Graham Wilson) in the video below.
I have blogged on bad police behaviour before and am doing so again at least in part because I also happened to see one of the programs where police are videoed dealing with traffic offenders - not my normal viewing.  The program made me wonder whether there is a culture within the police that makes incidents like this one, and like the others I highlighted more likely.  In the TV program - which I presume came with police approval - we saw mostly young people being stopped for driving offences, and the police were overwhelmingly sarcastic in their dealings with the offenders.  There seemed to be a lack of respect for the other person and it is this lack of respect that I find worrying.  It is perhaps a double concern as when I was stopped for speeding the policeman was very polite (I was driving a Jaguar at the time but wasn't yet ordained) - is the lack of respect based on their perception of positional power as described here?

Either way I find it worrying if the police feel that they do not have to show respect to people.


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  2. Funny how (ex?)-speeders dislike traffic police just like ex-smokers loathe smoke!



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