Saturday, 6 March 2010

Men in Church

Last Sunday the priest told us to drop the handshaking element to show our solidarity with Wayne Bridge.
 Great article in the Times by Frank Skinner arguing (tongue firmly in cheek) Christians should be doormats.  Just don't read it if you have had an irony by pass :).

Arguing the other side of the coin is Mark Driscoll

I started off intending this to be a fun piece for the weekend, but as I wrote it the two pieces seemed to me to be arguing about whether Christianity should embrace culture or stand against it (which of course reminded me of Niebuhr  I am concerned about Mark Driscoll's approach as I believe that we are called to be more ourselves, and the business culture that he describes is not (at least from my experience) a place where you can be yourself.  How many people have to put on masks to allow themselves to inhabit this space?  

At work I did a personality profile from Insights - one of the good things about this profile is that it acknowledges that we are different at work and at home and it has a way of recording both styles and comparing them.  What was obvious was that many people were very different at work than they were at home - is this really what we want to encourage?

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