Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

Over the years I have heard some interesting Mothering Sunday sermons, including rants about how non inclusive they are.  This year our monthly all age service was Saturday a week ago and we used the strap line "Mothers and Others" as many of the children who come to our midweek service are brought by grandparents or other carers.  Does anyone have the right balance for this?  Too motherly and we risk offending those who are childless, to general and we upset those who are mothers.  Ignore it altogether, or stick to the "Mother Church" angle and those who might just come for a one off service will not get what they are expecting.  I'm just glad that this year it isn't my decision!  Though if it were I would lean towards the motherly - though perhaps bringing in motherly qualities - and perhaps even picking up on the feminine images of God of a couple of Sundays ago (not that any other vicar has told me what they are going to say tomorrow J).

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