Friday, 12 March 2010

Trust=possibility of being hurt

I was discussing trust with someone the other day and it suddenly came to me that if you can't face the possibility of being hurt then you can't trust.  Reflecting on my time my previous career I now recognise that although I thought that I trusted the people I worked with (although it took me years to reach that point - ever heard "I can do it better myself"?) I only trusted them with things which wouldn't hurt me if they went wrong, and I suspect that some would argue that I didn't trust them anyway.

Even as I write this I am not sure that it is true, after all if the network went down badly then that could have hurt me professionally - even though I still know nothing about networks.  However, perhaps the key is in that little word "professionally".  If the network went down would it change my opinion of myself?  I don't think so.

And how does this fit in with trusting God?  If we trust in God will we not get hurt?  Afraid not - as last Sundays reading told us our faith makes no difference to the suffering we undergo - or as it was put by the Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley (thanks Archdruid - had to preach an emergency sermon and this post came in handy):
Bad stuff happens to good people. 
Good things happen to good people. 
Bad stuff happens to bad people. 
Good things happen to bad people.
And Richard Rohr, in his daily meditation, adds:
If there is nothing in your life to cry about, if there is nothing in your life to yell about, you must be out of touch.
I have spent many years avoiding pain, and the echo of that is still within me to the extent that occasionally I need to be reminded.  With thanks to my mates who do remind me!

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  1. This is interesting, Alan. I've been looking at some of this in the context of pioneering in the church. Here's a comment from a colleague:

    Maybe the real battle for pioneers (who have too often been pushed out to the edges via some rejection and misunderstanding) is with trusting again and overcoming cyncism and loneliness...

    And here's my response

    I have discovered two things about being a pioneer - one is that if you are one, you can't help doing it and the second is that it hurts!



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