Tuesday, 9 March 2010

But the implications are... ?

Divine intervention may have played a part in the change in fortune for Grimsby Town FC – after the club received the blessing of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
 Do you think he looks worried that praying for Grimsby to win was frivolous?

Fascinating story.  Now what I want to know is has he been praying for the future of the Anglican Communion and God hasn't been giving the answer he wanted, or has he not been praying for it?

Alternatively of course it might just be a fluke that Grimsby won J


  1. I think it helps.. if the ABC came and prayed for me before my next interview, that I would see and hear and love the people before me, that I would communicate myself well, that they would see that I am a gentle, prayerful priest with a passion for the lost and those who are suffering... I think I may well get the job.. don't you?

  2. So why doesn't it work for the Anglican Communion?



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